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During the year 2016, I have documented my family. Brothers, sisters, their partners, and kids.  71 family members.
The Family Portrait was the first step I did towards knowing them all after more than fifteen years of distance and thunderous silence that was between us since the day I left the strict ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. It took me over fifteen years to gain the strength to dare and look back at my past, asking for a reconciliation with my family, and with my own former self. 
In order to re-establish our relations I had a visit with my twelve siblings,  I asked to portrait each end every one of them and their family members. 
Some of them were willing to participate, others asked to sit with their back facing the camera, and some refused to participate. in that case, I chose to represent them inside the family portrait with a plain color sampled from their iris
The project includes 71 portraits of all family members. 

Display of the work, 3.80m x 2.70m

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