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2020 – 2023    Tel Aviv University, Steve Tisch School for Cinema and Television, MFA Cinema studies, Tel Aviv, Israel

2014 – 2017    Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, BFA Photography department, Jerusalem, Israel

2016                  Corcoran University, Deane and Paul Schatz International student exchange program, Washington DC, USA

2011                  UDK - University of the Arts, Guest student Visual communication, Berlin, Germany

2008                  Städel Schule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2006 – 2008    Goethe University,  Business Management and Philosophy, Frankfurt am Main, Germany         



2021    NINE-TO, Curator Tomer Fruchter, Indie Photography Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2020    HELPFUL AS ADMINISTERING MEDICATION TO THE DEAD, Curators Yulia Yablonski and Hadas Keidar, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018    TEHOMA RABA, Curator Avishalom Von Shiloach, Museum 'On the Seam'. Jerusalem, Israel

2018    WHERE I END AND YOU BEGIN, Curator Zack Helwa, fk-kollektiv Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017    BFA Final Exhibition, Curators Prof. Dor Guez and David Adika, Bezalel Gallery - Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2017    CITY, TERRITORY, Curator Yaakov Israel, Bezalel Gallery - Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem,Israel

2016    POINTS OF VIEW, Curators Dr. Orna Yair and Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari, Magistrate Court, Jerusalem, Israel

2015    MIZRACHASHKENAZ, Curators Amit Matalon and Daniel Sasson, Artist House Tel Aviv, Israel

2011    KUNSTHALLE - M3, Curators Karsten Krause and Boris Duhm, Berlin, Germany


Grants and residencies


​2023    David Gombin Film Fund, Film Development grant, Israel

2023    Negev Film Fund, Film Development grant, Israel

2022    Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, Film Production Grant, Israel

2022    Blavatnik Student Film Production Fund, Tel Aviv, Israel

2020    Midarom Film Fund, Film Produktion grant, Israel

2020    The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts,  Film Production grant Tel Aviv, Israel

2019    Jacob Burns film center, artist residency, Pleasantville, USA

2018    FK-Kollektiv Gallery, artist residency, Berlin,  Germany

2017    New Foundation for Cinema and Television (NFCT) Hub for Israeli and Palestinian emerging filmmakers




2023    RETURN – (70 min. Israel, Germany) Israeli German coproduction currently in production. 

             ARTE, RB, YES DOCU, The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, MiDarom Film Fund, Mifal-HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts

2023    BLIND SPOT (22 min, Israel)

2019    PLEASE EXIT THE WATER (3:35 min, Israel) Jury Award, Yafa Film Festival, Israel 2019


Film Festivals


2023    TISFF - Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

​2023    DocAviv Film festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019    Yafa Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel


2023 - DocAviv

2019 - JBFC


2017 - MOZAIKA

2015 - VICE

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