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Still image of video Installation, 30 Minutes in loop




B.F.A final project

During the year 2017, I worked as a nude model in various art institutions in Jerusalem. The physical and mental challenge of working in front of the painters and sculptors is embodied in my prolonged poses, sitting motionless to allow them to sink into deep observation. My body becomes a medium, an object. 

Through the reconstruction of the work in the photography studio, leaving the gaze of the others outside,  I examine the physical conditions that exist in the tension between ‘still poses’ and video. In the same way, using the same action, I examine the transitions of the body between the states of ‘naked’ and ‘nude’. Within the artistic discourse. Nude, refers to the body as an object of observation, while naked refers to the body in its natural state, unclothed. With the transition of the nude from its classic representation in painting to its representation between stills and video, the naked body becomes more revealing and vulnerable, yet at the same time more demanding and direct in front of the viewer’s gaze.

The project allows a self-dialogue with the nude body. I appropriate and construct the gaze of the other on myself; simultaneously playing the role of a passive object and an active subject that returns the gaze. The mirror image of the model allows for a critical comparison between models of beauty, religious prohibitions, and local sociological contexts. Through them, the place of the naked body is examined both within the artistic discourse and beyond it.

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